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CU1 Gallery & FOLORUNSHO present “I’MPOSSIBLE” the Exhibition.

A series of collaborative works between 5 Artists living in the West and the FOLORUNSHO Creative Collective from LionBase, Sierra Leone. The show will run for the duration of Art Basel ‘13 in Miami. 

CU1 GALLERY: 117 NE 1st Ave. Downtown Miami.

Model: Folasade Adeoso

Hats by the FOLORUNSHO Creative Collective

Photography by J. Quazi King

Instagram = @Quazimottoonwx

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Andrea Thomas

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Michael Jackson | Style Icon

He was fresh.

this is such a beautiful fucking photoset, omg. =’(. i recognized from the beginning to the end. yesss!

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Fishing and firearms on Lake Turkana

In the drought-stricken corner of northwestern Kenya, the native Turkana community is involved in deadly conflict with rivals from across the border in neighbouring Ethiopia, as the poor populations compete for dwindling food. 

Fighting between the communities has a long history, but the conflict has become ever more fatal as automatic weapons from other regional conflicts seep into the area. According to locals, around a dozen Turkana have been killed in clashes since July. — Read More

Photos by Siegfried Modola/Reuters

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"How the Media Failed Women in 2013," courtesy of Miss Representation. This is mind-boggling and you must watch it right now.

i don’t agree with EVERYTHING in this vid, but this is spot on. It could even add some more examples (for woc for example) the question is how long/why do we continue to allow this? 

Where do I fucking sign up?!